BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - A Berkeley Heights resident used "situation awareness" to prevent being a victim of a possible carjacking situation.

He was driving a 2014 BMW 750 on Route 22 from Westfield to Berkeley Heights on Saturday around 5 p.m. and was stopped at the red light in Mountainside by the bus stop just before the Exxon station.

He happened to notice two men at the corner who looked like they were going to cross the highway. 

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As the driver in the car ahead of him rolled forward a little, he decided to keep a half car between them in case he need to pull away. He made sure his doors were locked and windows were shut.

One of the men started crossing the highway between his car and the car in front of him, and as the man got to his car, he looked in his passenger window, in the rear passenger window, and then walked around the car to the driver's side. He saw the driver watching him the whole time did not appear fazed. The would-be carjacker grabbed the door handle -- and just as he did, the light turned green and he was able to pull away. 

This incident is reported by The Alternative Press of Berkeley Heights to remind and inform drivers to practice "situation awareness" and remove the opportunity of a crime to happen.  

  • Be aware of who's following you.
  • Don't use red lights or stop signs to distract you.
    • Don't check phones. 
    • Don't play with the control dials and GPS.
  • Always ride with your doors locked.
  • Always leave some space in front of you and the car in front of you in case you have to make a quick move away.

The Berkeley Heights Police Department has been made aware of the incident and has forwarded the info to the Mountainside Police.