BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - Someone apparently dumped a small amount of gasoline into the sanitary sewers lines today, which resulted in a full emergency response to the situation.

Berkeley Heights Fire Chief Anthony Padovano said “The Sewer Treatment Plant supervisor alerted Emergency Department heads after two of his employees detected the odor of gasoline in the sanitary sewer lines.”

Union County HAZMAT Truck #10, Berkeley Heights Fire Truck #4 and Marine 1, and police responded to the alert at about 11:30 a.m.

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The boat was sent to Snyder Avenue, near the bridge, while the HAZMAT truck with Deputy Chief Kane and Capt. Thareldson, and the fire engine went to 10 Summit Ave. 

New Providence also sent an engine as a precaution.

In the end, there was nothing to worry about. The boat was unloaded, but never put in the water, and New Providence’s engine returned home. 

Padovano said, "Someone dumped gasoline,"  but there were “very minor readings detected,” at two locations, the sewer plant and a manhole at 10 Summit Ave. “These quickly dissipated” at both the sewer plant at the manhole.

Firefighter Austin Bucossi had also reported there were very low readings at the manhole.

The scene was declared safe and cleared in less than an hour.