One of the most important responsibilities of our Mayor and Council is the development and approval of the annual Budget.  The Budget, of course, is the financial plan that tells us what is going to be accomplished  and provided by local government and how much it is going to cost.  Wisely, the governing body devotes several meetings to this task ,and the public is invited to share their suggestions and comments during these developmental sessions.  The two most important meetings this year were on April 10 when the Council voted to adopt the 2018 Budget and schedule it for a public hearing, which then took place on May 8.

We have heard throughout this Republican Primary campaign from the Maciejewski team how they stand for fiscal responsibility. Strangely, however, Tom Maciejewski was present at both the above meetings and offered not one suggestion or criticism of the township's proposed spending plan. In fact, he had nothing at all to say about the municipal budget.  I don't believe either of his running mates, Chris Rinaldi and Diane Mara, were even present  at either of these two meetings.

Governance is about researching the issues and then making informed  decisions. It is not about making sweeping sound-bite statements that have no substance, without any definitive plan or idea as to what should be done.  Given the Maciejewski's team overarching claim to be the guardians of fiscal responsibility, where were they with any suggestions of what was appropriate or inappropriate in the 2018 Budget? It's easy to make broad statements about cutting taxes and fiscal responsibility, but candidates who aspire to represent us must offer specifics and for team Maciejewski there are none.

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On June 5, I'm voting for the team of  Mayor Robert Woodruff, Council vice-president Mike D'Aquila and Council woman Michelle Greco.  It's no accident that we were able to reduce our affordable housing requirements by 75%, or that the Community Pool has been saved and that the YMCA will be building a new facility, or that we are considered the 3rd hottest real estate market in the state  , or that we now have new and enjoyable community events such as Winter Walk, Street Fair, and Restaurant week, and that we are finally after way too many years going to provide proper facilities for our police, library, senior citizens and township offices.  These things happened with the help and cooperation of many individuals, and our Republican team was there to see these things become a reality.

Don't be fooled by "empty" slogans.  Vote Column A on June 5.  Bob Woodruff for Mayor, and Mike D'Aquila and Michelle Greco for township council.