Children ages 5 and older who may be struggling a bit or reluctant when it comes to reading who could use a little support, encouragement while getting practice during summer down time from school are welcome to sign up for the summer Reading Camp offered by Summit Community Programs and assisted by TryCAN.  Music class with Jammin Jenn is being offered this summer as well.

The reading camp designed to entice struggling or reluctant students to enjoy the joys of reading.  Children will use games (puzzles, magnets, shapes), books, music and other activities to improve reading skills.  Children participate in enjoyable exercises to capitalize on strengths, instill self-confidence and foster a Can-do! attitude.  We want to show students how to love learning and reading in an embarrassment and failure free setting.  We will work on decoding, phonics, comprehension and helping students selecting their own books for pleasure reading.  No skill is too basic; however we will work with each student depending on what level she/he is starting at.  Susan Tarashuk, Certified Teacher is the instructor.  Teen Peer Mentors will be on hand to help offer focused and personal attention to each student.  The program will run at 4:45-5:30 pm three days a week – Tuesdays (June 26 - July 24), Wednesdays (June 27 – July 25,except for July 4) and Thursdays (June 28 - July 26).  You can register for one day a week, two days or three days.  The cost is $60 for Tuesdays only (5 classes), $50 for Wednesdays only (4 classes) and $60 for Thursdays only (5 classes).  We strongly encourage students to enroll for all three days of reading, to allow more time for skill building and practice.  So we are offering a discount for students enrolling for three days a week – Take $20 off total tuition for enrolling all three days a week.  In Music with Jammin’ Jenn, children (ages 4-8) engage in singing, movement and instrument exploration in a fun and lively setting to increase body awareness, awareness of others, attention and listening skills and encourage a love of music.  Class runs Thursdays 5:40 - 6:10 PM (June 21, 28, July 12, 19, 26).  The cost is $75.  Jennifer Goodman, Certified Music Therapist is the instructor.  

The programs are held at the Summit Community Center , 100 Morris Avenue .  Register online at or call the Summit Community Center 908-277-2932 or stop by to register in person.

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TryCAN, a collaboration between Summit and other local communities, offers an array of recreation programs for children with special needs or those who need special accommodation. There are no resident fees involved and all are welcome!