JERSEY CITY, NJ - Joe Henry of Berkeley Heights, a senior at St. Peter's Prep in Jersey City, decided to dedicate his 2016 football season to kids with cancer by becoming a Kick-It Champion -- receiving donations for every point he scored this season.  His high school football season began in Dublin, Ireland and finished at Metlife Stadium in a bid for the State Championship.  Throughout the season, Henry also sold bracelets he designed with all proceeds going to Kick-It for Cancer. To date, he has raised over $2,000. 

Henry is a Hudson Reporter All-Area Team two time honoree athlete and ranked one of the top kickers in New Jersey by 

The success during his football season has led Henry to dedicate his spring volleyball season to Kick-It.  He is calling it “Dig-It for Cancer”. Joe is a varsity Libero and is accepting donations for every “dig” he and his teammates get during the volleyball season. 

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Henry has lost close family and friends to cancer and his hope is to help children who are battling this horrible disease. “It meant a lot to me playing for my classmates every single game and to help kids with cancer made the season that much more impactful” said Henry. “My goal is to raise money and raise awareness about pediatric cancer. I was shocked to learn that the NIH allocates less than 4% of funding to children’s cancer research!  Being a Kick-it Champion will give doctors the money they need to find a cure.“

All-State Ohio football player Matt Colella who battled cancer as a middle school student started the Kick-It Champion program. His commitment to help others inspired his community and athletes around the country to become Kick-It Champions for children with cancer.

“We truly admire Joe’s efforts to make a difference and give back to children in his community”, said Cathy Welcsh, Director of the Kick-it Program. “The research dollars will directly impact the 15,000 children diagnosed annually in the United States”

About Kick-It

Kick-It, a program of Flashes of Hope, is a national volunteer driven effort focused solely  on raising money for children’s cancer research. Founded in 2009 by a 10-year old boy with cancer from Northeast Ohio, Kick-It has raised over $4 million dollars.