The State Council of New Jersey Junior Leagues is pleased to invite interested members of the public to attend its Get On Board Training Program.  The State Council is a conglomerate of the eight distinct Junior Leagues, powerhouse women’s volunteer organizations, throughout the State.  Get On Board 2017 will take place on Saturday, April 29th at The Peck School in Morristown, NJ. Registration opens March 1st and is available online at

In a combined effort, the State Council has put together an immersive, one-day training program. The program is open to Junior League members, board members of other non-profit organizations, as well as individuals who are interested in serving on a non-profit board.  The curriculum was custom designed for current non-profit leaders as well as those who want to be more involved in community issues, the program shares essential elements for being an effective and meaningful non-profit board member. 

 A key component of the Get On Board program is the voluntary matching program that the State Council intends to launch this year.  The matching program is designed to help graduates of the program find non-profits in need of trustees and volunteers, and to help organizations in need of help identify trained, interested members.  Nonprofit organizations can contact the State Council through, if they are interested in sending their entire board for training, or if they are seeking to register the organization for potential volunteer leads.

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The 2017 program will include programs on: Mission-Driven Board Meets Servant Leadership; Board Member Roles and Responsibilities; Finance 101; Marketing Strategies for Nonprofit Organizations; Brand Development; Risk Management; Committee Management; Diversity, Inclusion and Cultural Competence; Fund Development; Mission-Driven Membership Programs; and Birkman Personality and Career Assessment.

Birkman is a program that allows trainees to identify their strengths and weaknesses in depth.  The analysis provides a platform for self-improvement and also allows trainees to better understand group dynamics to enhance the ability of a board to work together.

 The State Council created the curriculum using a consortium of ideas, including Board Source, philanthropic ideology, existing programs from other Junior League training programs across the country, other educational institutions, and future-focused research from experts in the non-profit world.

 Get On Board will feature presentations by Vicki Clark, Joan Garry, Karen Henning and Vicki Bixel, as well as speakers from: The Association of Junior Leagues International, Sobel & Associates, The Museum of Modern Art, The Nissenbaum Law Group and Bederson & Co.

 The State Council also wishes to recognize its first event sponsor, The Grand Summit Hotel, for its contribution and support.