Nearly a month after the devastating effects of Hurricane Irene, homes, towns, and people are still struggling to regain their normal lifestyle.  If you turn on any TV, the news stations still have not grown weary of the terrible story.  On the eve of August 27, (coincidently my birthday) the winds started howling and the trees started dancing in the pounding rain. Just gazing out my bedroom window, I noticed branches flying across the sky like birds and leaves drifting down to the flooded gravel. Luckily, the town of Berkeley Heights did not get hit as hard as its neighboring towns!  My family was lucky.  At least four of my close friends’ basements flooded and their power was out- one for almost a week after the storm.  The northeast is not accustomed to hurricanes, and this storm really tested the sturdiness and efficiency of New Jersey towns.  Some cities had to delay their school openings and even evacuate their homes. Flooding plagued the whole state and repairs to damage are still being done.  The power in my current school, Governor Livingston High School, was out for more than a week and just came on the day before school started. These types of storms take time and patience, and there is still a lot of work to be done after “Queen Irene.”

Julia Martin
9th grade
Governor Livingston High School