There were many life and academic lessons I learned while I attended New Providence High School. But the one that had the biggest impact on me was my parents telling me how important grades really are.

My parents have always stressed how important grades are and like all other students I thought it wasn't a big deal.

Yes I worked hard for my grades and maintained a good grade point average.

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While I was at Salisbury University this past weekend for an orientation, I heard that just above 12,000 students applied to Salisbury University and only 1,500 students were accepted.  That really opened my eyes. 10,500 or 87% students were denied.

Now that I have been accepted to the University, I now realize how I have to juggle playing baseball and keeping my grades high it's going to be a challenge.

But I have always faced adversity throughout high school and conquered it. Whether it was in football when the team and I were down 18-7 to G.L. on Thanksgiving Day and came back and won 22-18. Or in the state quarterfinals for basketball against North Arlington trailing 39-33 heading into the fourth quarter and winning 63-57 in double overtime.  Or in baseball when we beat GL two times in three days. Trailing by two runs in each game, once in the seventh inning, we came back and won both with low number of pitchers.

I'm sure in college I won't only face adversity on the baseball field but also in the class room. Grades are what's the most important. Without good grades you won't find a good job and be successful after college.

That's why listening to my parents about grades is the most important lesson.

I will have to study and push myself harder then I ever have in school so I can be successful on and off the field.