With the past week being some the hottest summer days yet, The Meat House can keep that heat out of your kitchen with our prepared meats and salads.  In the mood to keep cool and eat great?  We’ve got you covered!  Stop in for a rack or two of baby back ribs or pick up a container of our fresh made pulled pork and a pack of Martin’s potato buns for a mouthwatering and quick lunch or dinner!

What about a complete meal?  The Meat House has an extensive arrangement of premade salads.  Our cheddar bacon and chive potato salad will tempt your senses or how about some pesto bow tie pasta?  Cool and refreshing and oh so scrumptious!  Need to add the veggies?  A cryopack of cilantro lime asparagus or garlic butter corn are as easy as 1-2-3 when you boil some water, throw the sealed pack of vegetables in to the water for 5-10 minutes, according to firmness desired, and voila!  A perfect summer meal does not have to be difficult OR time consuming. 

Want to amp up your burger with a little spice?  Ask our butcher for some handmade burgers and pick up a bottle of Sriracha sauce.  Traditionally used in Thai cooking as a condiment and often paired with chicken, this spicy alternative to ketchup is sure to wake the taste buds and thrill your palate.  Don’t forget the fries!  Alexia’s All Natural fries are right in the freezer by our handmade gelatos and sorbets!    A pack of nice cold craft beer is the perfect pairing with a well seasoned burger so be sure to visit the back of the store for a plentiful selection of beer, wine and spirits!