On July 22, 2012, the Summit Farmers Market will relocate to Beechwood Road and the Bank Street Parking Lot #5 due to renovations to improve the current parking lot location at Park and Shop Lot #2 on the corner of Maple Street and DeForest Avenue.   The market, which is open every Sunday, rain or shine, from 8 am to 1:00 pm through November 18, features popular local and regional goods including a variety of organic produce, wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs, baked goods, artisan breads, cheeses, fish and seafood, field flowers and specialty items from New Jersey purveyors.

In June, Summit Downtown, Inc. incorporated Give It Fresh Today - G.I.F.T. - a produce donation effort into the Summit Farmers Market.    The G.I.F.T. initiative provides an opportunity for individuals to donate locally grown, fresh produce to people who might otherwise not have access to it.

Visitors to the Summit Farmers Market are invited to buy a little extra from their favorite farmer/vendor or to bring extra produce from their home gardens to contribute at the G.I.F.T. donation table.  The donations go to organizations that feed the hungry.  In the first two weekends of operation, 275 pounds of fresh produce and goods were provided by customers and farmers to S.H.I.P.  – Summit Helping Its People.  S.H.I.P. was founded in 1991 to help individuals in the Summit area. They serve breakfast weekdays at Calvary Episcopal Church and dinner at Oakes Memorial Center on the weekends. Other recipients of the donations will include St. Ann’s Soup Kitchen which provided over 80,000 meals and distributed 18,000 bags of groceries to the needy in Newark last year.

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Sponsored by Summit Downtown, Inc., the Summit Farmers Market is an excellent weekend destination that not only offers the chance to support local agriculture but now invites visitors to do something good for the community.

For more information about the Summit Farmers Market or G.I.F.T., please call Summit Downtown, Inc., 908-277-6100 or visit www.summitdowntown.org.