To the Editor:

The Berkeley Heights Green Community Challenge Pledge is a brilliant initiative that I think we, as a community, should take seriously. This pledge takes the actions of a few individuals (those who are already recycling and/or composting) and escalates them to the broader participation of our community. The grants we could receive as a result of this pledge are essential in our goal to make the Berkeley Heights community more sustainable.

Using the community garden as an example, the Berkeley Heights Green Community Challenge Pledge would enable community members to come together and care about a space that they have a stake in. The environmental issues facing our planet will become more apparent if they begin to affect the soil that we as a community tend to. This, and opportunities like it, that will stem from the pledge would instill in us a greater sense of environmental responsibility: something we could all use a little more of.

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By signing this pledge, we are identifying as a community that honors the larger environment it belongs in. If 335 residents commit to actions laid out in the pledge, we are not only acting on behalf of the environment through our individual actions, but we are drawing attention to Berkeley Heights as a green community in pursuit of the Sustainable Jersey Silver Certification.

Please consider acting on behalf of the environment and the opportunities that Berkeley Heights could be granted if the Sustainable Jersey Silver Certification is reached.