The following are comments from Jack O'Halloran regarding his past, present and future:
TAPinto: How did you get started in swimming competitively and how long have you been swimming?
Jack: My parents signed me up for swim lessons when I was four years old and soon after I was swimming for our summer pool at BSC. When I was nine, I started swimming year-round for the Summit Area YMCA and I've been on that team since then.
TAPinto: What do you like most about your team?
Jack: At GL, I love how close we are as a team. This team really makes swimming fun, and that should always be a priority. Another thing I've enjoyed is how everyone on the team got on board with our deep trip in the state playoffs, and I think our success showed a true team effort.
TAPinto: Do you have any pre-meet rituals/superstitions?
Jack: I always listen to the same playlist on the way to swim meets and I think that it helps get me pumped up and in the zone. I also like to channel my inner NBA star and wear somewhat flamboyant and contrasting outfits to meets because I feel like walking into a meet looking like Russell Westbrook gives me the confidence to perform like Russell Westbrook.
TAPinto: Have you changed your training to reach the MOC level?
Jack: I don't think that my training has changed to reach the MOC level. I have been working hard for the past few years to achieve something like this and I think that this proves that sometimes you just have to trust the process.
TAPinto: Have you met your Season Goal?
Jack: Although I have had a season that exceeded my highest aspirations, I do still have one more season goal. At MOC's I want to break the GL 500 free record and also make a YMCA Nationals cut in that event. That would be a perfect ending to an amazing season.

TAPinto: What is your favorite class/professor/why?
Jack: I would say that my favorite class this year is Engineering Technology because it's really my first engineering class and I love all of the projects we get to do.
TAPinto: Future plans -- College and major?
Jack: This fall I will be attending Vanderbilt University and will be studying Mechanical Engineering.
TAPinto: Favorite athlete of all time?
Jack: I would have to say that my favorite athlete of all time is either Sun Yang or Derek Jeter. Sun Yang is a Chinese distance swimmer who has been the dominating swimmer in the world of distance freestyle. He is also a bit of a character outside the pool and I think that shows it's important to have some fun while playing a sport. Derek Jeter is someone that I have looked up to since I was a little kid, and even got several comments that I looked like him as I grew up.
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