The following are comments from Jason Paprocki regarding his past, present and future:

TAPinto: How did you get started in swimming competitively and how long have you been swimming?

Jason: My parents needed a summer sport for me so they drove me to Berkeley Aquatic Club to try out and I have been swimming there since 2012.

TAPinto: What do you like most about your team?

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Jason: Our team spirit is the best aspect of our team because the constant cheering makes me feel like whole team has my back when I'm swimming.

TAPinto: Do you have any pre-meet rituals/superstitions?

Jason: I like to completely clear my mind of everything except when I need to swim and what I'm swimming. I feel if I clutter my mind with any other things, I will under preform. 

TAPinto: Have you changed your training to reach the MOC level?

Jason: Practicing with the more challenging Junior team at Berkeley Aquatic Club has elevated me to the level I needed to attend MOCs.

TAPinto: Have you met your Season Goal?

Jason: I have not because being a Club swimmer I put very high expectations on myself and strove to qualify for an individual event at MOCs and not achieving that was very disappointing but will motivate me next year to practice even harder.

TAPinto: What is your favorite class/professor/why?

Jason:  Mr. Ciarroca is definitely one of my favorite teachers. His classes are the perfect balance of funny and educational that makes you want to come back every single day.

TAPinto: Future plans -- College and major? 

Jason: I would like to study Computer Science at Stevens Institute of Technology. 

TAPinto: Favorite athlete of all time?

Jason: Michael Phelps has always been a swimming model for me to mimic his perfect stroke technique.

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