The following are comments from Jason Wong regarding his past, present and future:
TAPinto: How did you get started in swimming competitively and how long have you been swimming?
Jason: I started to swim with my father and in swim lessons at the YMCA at a young age. I joined club competitively swimming when I was 10 years old and continued on from there.
TAPinto: What do you like most about your team?
Jason: Members are supportive of one another, and we all share goals to improve times and win meets. All competition is friendly and healthy. Also, our team always remains respectable despite the outcomes of meets because at the end it boils down to the experience and enjoyment. High school swimming with Governor Livingston is an experience I will never forget.
TAPinto: Do you have any pre-meet rituals/superstitions?
Jason: I sleep at least two hours earlier than normal, netting about 9 hours.
TAPinto: Have you changed your training to reach the MOC level?
Jason: Not specifically to reach MOC level, but I've been working harder these couple of years by attending more club and high school swim practices. I started making swimming a priority over other activities because I needed to stay in shape and train myself to perform well.
TAPinto: Have you met your Season Goal?
Jason: I've mostly met my season goals: I achieved a 22.83 in my 50 split in the 200 Free Relay and went below a 51.00 for my 100 Free (50.58). Although I wanted a 22.XX for my regular 50 Free, I was about a tenth of a second away from it in my last high school meet.
TAPinto: What is your favorite class/professor/why?
Jason: Physics because the integration of mathematics in the real world is quite enjoyable. It has so many applicable uses like predicting financial markets and is fundamental to understanding how the world works.
TAPinto: Future plans -- College and major? 
Jason: Computer Science (Don't know where I'm going yet)
TAPinto: Favorite athlete of all time?
Jason: Michael Phelps (Cliche but it's true!)
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