The following are comments from Killian Quinn regarding his past, present and future:
TAPinto: How did you get started in swimming competitively and how long have you been swimming?
Killian: I started swimming competitively in the summer when I was little at the Berkeley Swim Club. I have been swimming for 12 years. 
TAPinto: What do you like most about your team?
Killian:My favorite thing about the swim team is how everyone works really hard and is focused on helping the team win every night, but we are also light hearted about everything and know how to have fun whether we win or lose. 
TAPinto: Do you have any pre-meet rituals/superstitions?
Killian: Before I swim the 50 freestyle I always listen to the song "Do the John Wall" to get me ready to go. 
TAPinto: Have you changed your training to reach the MOC level?
Killian: I've definitely had to work harder and focus on fixing different parts of my swimming but I haven't made any changes in terms of what I'm practicing. 
TAPinto: Have you met your Season Goal?
Killian: My personal goal at the beginning of the season was to make the MOC cut in the 50 free. When I got that I had to set a new goal for myself which is to get the school record. I'm hoping to do that at MOCs.
TAPinto: What is your favorite class/professor/why?
Killian: My favorite class is physics with Mr. McGovern because that's always a fun time. 
TAPinto: Future plans -- College and major?
Killian: I will be attending Davidson College and probably majoring in science or math. 
TAPinto: Favorite athlete of all time?
Killian: Derek Jeter
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