The following are comments from Sarah Polizzi regarding her past, present and future:
TAPinto: How did you get started in swimming competitively and how long have you been swimming?
Sarah: I first started swimming competitively when I was seven years old. My first race ever was during the summer at the Berkeley Heights Community Pool. I swam on the summer swim team and ever since then I've kept on swimming.
TAPinto: What do you like most about your team?  
Sarah: My favorite things about the Governor Livingston swim team is how supportive everyone is of one another. After every race, any GL swimmer that you walk past congratulates you on your race. This gives an overall sense of encouragement throughout the team. Each person individually cares about how well the team is doing and wants to help the team be the best it can be.
TAPinto: Do you have any pre-meet rituals/superstitions?
Sarah: I personally do not have any pre-meet rituals. Usually before relays, my relay team will huddle together and pump each other up. I do my best just to relax and focus before a meet and every race.
TAPinto: Have you changed your training to reach the MOC level?
Sarah: No I haven't really changed my training. I am a high school only swimmer, so every night I practice with Coach Closs. I do believe that he plans practices according to what meets we have coming up but besides working hard at his practices I do not do much else to prepare.
TAPinto: Have you met your Season Goal?
Sarah: I have met my season goal. My goal was for the girls team to win the sectional title, which we did. After coming so close to it last year I was determined to make it back and win the meet this year. I'm so proud of our team for accomplishing that as I know it was the season goal of many other people as well.

TAPinto: What is your favorite class/professor/why?
Sarah: My favorite class is math. It has always come easy to me and been easy for me to understand. I enjoy the friends I have in that class as well. Over all it's a good time and I look forward to going to class.
TAPinto: Future plans? College and major?
Sarah: I am very undecided about my future. I definitely plan on going to college but I don't have any idea where or what I'm going to study. I would like to continue to swim on a club team or for fun in college.

TAPinto: Favorite athlete of all time?
Sarah: My favorite athlete of all time is my fellow teammate Bailey Gold. She is an amazing swimmer and inspires me with every race she competes in. Bailey always gives everything she has and swims phenomenal races. I strive to be like her as an athlete, teammate, and player.
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