With all the social networking sites out there in the world today, how are you supposed to know which ones are respectable and which ones are dangerous or counterproductive?  For instance, there is the most popular Facebook, MySpace, Formspring, Twitter and Tumblr.  Facebook and Myspace are both for keeping up with your friends.  Forsmpring is a site used to ask someone else questions as yourself or anonymously.  Some think this site is a good idea just because you can ask someone something without them knowing it’s you. Although, most of the time, this site provides a form of cyber bullying.  In addition, MySpace is similar to Facebook, but not half as safe.  Facebook offers you privacy settings, as MySpace does not.

Not all social networking sites are bad though. As said before, Facebook is one of the safe and productive networking sites. It lets you keep up with friends and family and stay in touch with them using pictures, statuses, wall posts and videos. Unlike most social networking sites, Tumblr and Twitter are two very different ones. Twitter is based mainly on updating a status. You are able to follow friends, family and also your favorite celebrities. As for Tumblr, it is generally a picture blog. Via pictures, you show how you’re feeling and also the type of person you are through what you post. If you are safe using these sites, then you can have a safe and fun experience! Granted, some websites add to the ongoing problem of bullying, I think it is best to get rid of any sites encouraging unhealthy behavior.

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Missy Quinn
10th grade
Governor Livingston High School