I am probably the first to use this term re the Wisconsin state government activity currently underway.  It is distinct from the 2010 Tea Party and much more significant which I will explain in a minute.

First, I do recognize amongst the several different types that are “members” or followers of the Tea Party and that they have some valid complaints and basis for some anger.  However they are not focused.  In fact the results of their actions are questionable since they put back in charge the same people who were primarily responsible for our economic crisis and the degree to which we are moving out of it both nationally and globally.  The real irony is the constant talk of spending cuts (without regard to good or bad, priority or timing) and the same disregard for tax cuts (without regard to whose, when and how much).  To make matters worse the bad thinking is spreading from them to the regular Republicans and now Democrats.  Is there no end to mob psychology and careless and lazy thinking?

Now to the Tea Party Plus as I call it.  This is the Wisconsin action.  It is very, very important because this involves rights (yes rights not entitlements).  Rights are of note in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution (Bill of Rights and all other amendments).  So this action by Governor Scott Walker and his Koch, et al backers goes well beyond collective bargaining and unions.  This should scare all of us. Only because of one short of a quorum and 14 Democrats not appearing in the Legislature has this become so well discussed.  There are several other states moving in the same direction.  The rights (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness) are really at stake. 

This action in the USA should concern us as much if not more than our watching what happens in North Africa and the Middle East.  It is strange that all of us give so much lip service to those people and their rights and democracy when we are having an impending paradigm shift in America from our current level that took over 200 years to develop.