Boy band sensation “The Flies” will kick off their 2011 performances at the Berkeley Heights Public Library on May 1 at 3 PM. Their “Fly Paper Tour” will also take them to the Berkeley Heights Rubber Ducky Festival on June 11 and new dates are being worked on. The 4th graders have been performing to the public for over 3 years, mixing original compositions with rock classics like “Sweet Home Alabama”. This season they unveil new compositions and they will perform the Led Zeppelin classic “Stairway to Heaven”. The Flies got together as Cub Scouts and found a common interest in rock music in 2nd grade. Sam Lee (Lead Guitar) started composing at age 6, and collaborates with lyricists Johnny “Bones” Pullara (Drums) and Sean Pelcher (lead vocals). Spencer Park’s laid-back rhythm guitar style holds the music together, while Andrew Vanacore (vocals and violin) introduces the rarely-heard rock violin to the band’s lineup this year.
For more information contact Laura Fuhro at the Berkeley Heights Public Library (908) 464-9333 . The Flies can be found on YouTube at and Facebook at