ROSELLE/ROSELLE PARK, NJ - This was one of today's top New Jersey headlines:  A Veteran Firefighter Killed In Overnight Blaze In Bergen County, NJ.

You may be wondering what this has to do with Roselle/Roselle Park? The answer is nothing and everything. That headline was the first thing that I saw in the news this morning and it really caught my attention and pulled at my heart. It hit especially hard for me, because one of the last text messages I got before going to bed last night was one from my brother Bill back home in Central Pennsylvania, where he is a volunteer fireman and was at a horrific fire last night that had left a number of families homeless.

His text was a picture someone had taken of him while still at the fire. That is the picture that is posted with the story. His gear as you will see, was all frosted over and his face was all red. His only words were “OMG, I am so cold”. It was a group text, and the reply back to him was from my sister in law saying, “Honey please be careful, I love you.”

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We sometimes don’t realize what our Firefighters and Police Officers go through on a daily basis. You may see them in their police cars or at the firehouse and think yeah, they got it easy. Trust me, they don’t!  We all know that at any given moment they could be out in the cold helping someone at an accident, or at a fire and anything could happen. I can’t imagine getting all wet while fighting a fire in the cold temps that we have had lately. Some of the other photos that I have seen from that fire had ice hanging from the fireman's helmets. 

At any given moment these people who’s job is to protect us, could be put in harms way. They get up every day just like you and I and head out the door, maybe grab a cup of coffee on the way and go to work. They and their families have to worry, will something happen today or will they come home safe tonight? This is a daily concern and I know that some will say, thats part of the job. Yes it is, as for my brother who volunteers and knows what he is getting into and the risks. It’s still a worry all the same for everyone involved. It takes a special person to do these types of jobs. I know that I love my community, but I could never do what these people do.

These are the Hero’s that I think about.  I hope that everyone can take just a moment out your day think a little about this and maybe say a prayer for these brave people. Be thankful that they are out there no matter what to keeps us all safe. Also, a prayer and condolences to the family of Captain Gregory Barnas of Bergen County.