There are over five hundred million Facebook users internationally. Are you one of them? The Internet is the most accessed utility for sharing opinions, connecting with friends and family, reading the news, and wasting time. The Internet is used so often that it can become addicting to whoever uses it.

Does the Internet and other messaging electronics bring people closer or further apart? Most adults would argue that it pulls people apart, since it makes people antisocial and easily distracted. The majority of adolescent could argue that it brings people closer because you can communicate with international friends, and stay up to date on current events.

Over two hundred fifty million people go on Facebook and YouTube daily. Is it because they want to stay in touch with distant friends or due to pure boredom? Does the public want to share their opinions or find something to waste time on? I believe that the Internet and other communication devises airing bringing people together with proper usage.

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When I use the Internet it is solely for connecting with relatives and friends or for homework. The Internet is used so often and by so many people that it can effect their social behavior however if used correctly, it can people together and make the public more informed.