RANDOLPH, NJ- Getting involved and helping others today is crucial in our daily activities.  With my experiences in life, it is most important to reach out to others and tell them of my discovery which holds the key to end or curb all forms of Bullying.

Being a deep and logical thinker, along with my deep Faith, I decided very young in life to put things in the past and that I would "move forward." I also came to a conclusion with the utmost importance... I said, "When I grow up, I want to be a great parent."

That is the key in ending bullying.

Teaching your child, or any child, to be kind and help others is so important in establishing the well rounded person. Teach your child to set goals; give them lots of your time; teach them that boredom,at times, is a time of relaxing for the mind ; and give them love.  So in other words, be a great parent.  This can be so hard, but it can be so easy as well-Common Sense.

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Please help me ( Paula Sole Magone)   help others with coming and joining me at the following Fund Raising events.

There are two Fund Raising Events:

1. La Strada Ristorante
      Rte 10, Randolph, NJ
      July, 24 and 25 2014/ Thursday & Friday

2.  Taste Restaurant
     Rte 10th, Randolph, NJ
     September 20, 2014 / Saturday
Art Gallery Showing/ Jazz/ Meet and Greet

A portion of the bill will go towards the Anti-bullying Fund.

If you would like to make a donation or more information, please contact Paula for a Tax Deductible Form at: