Due to the recent heavy flooding and severe snow events in Northern New Jersey, members of the NPARC Amateur Radio Club of the Watchung Hills Area were made painfully aware of how poorly prepared many of our neighbors are, to protect their property and possibly even their lives, from naturally occurring situations such as floods and/or long term power outages. 

Amateur Radio Operators routinely test their Emergency Preparedness. The Emergency Response Team of NPARC can set up and operate a communications network in a very short time. Team members are completely independent of any normal infrastructure. All their equipment is portable, and can be brought to a scene of activity and operated independent of commercial power lines, telephone lines or internet systems.

Members of NPARC were able to assist some of our neighbors by running sump pumps, refrigerators, furnaces, etc. during the recent outages. But most households were totally unprepared to make use of our portable generators, communications equipment, and our expertise in getting through an emergency.

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Therefore, at the December 12th Regular Meeting of NPARC, we will host a Panel Discussion featuring three experienced members of NPARC. The Panel members will each make a short  illustrated introduction on the subjects of:


Power requirements for a family home in event of a long term power outage,

Automatic, natural gas powered generation and transfer systems,

Portable, gasoline powered AC generators,

Safety considerations including extension cords and transfer switches.


Following the introductions there will be an extended Question and Answer period.

The Public is urged to attend this meeting of NPARC. The date is MONDAY December 12th, 2011 at 7:30 PM in the Salt Brook Elementary School, Maple Street, New Providence.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION or DIRECTIONS, see our website:    www.nparc.org