“Food, Wine and Interior Design” is the theme for, not a Ladies Night Out, but rather a “Diva's Day Out” hosted by Cindy Gelormini,“The Paint Diva of NJ” from McGrath's Paint and Hardware in New Providence.

Think of it as stepping into a live Home and Garden Magazine,” says The Paint Diva. She has invited a chef, wine expert and other local Interior Designers to each come and do live ½ hour presentations in an HGTV style format. It will have the feel of being on the set of a live cooking or decorating show. There will be food and wine samples, gift bags and raffled gifts at the end of the day.

Cindy painted murals and faux finishes for over 15 years, including the room-sized Cinderella mural at the Connection. In 2002 she hung up her brushes and went to work at McGrath's helping people choose paint colors. She also goes to clients’ homes to help choose paint colors, make decorating decisions and stage their homes for sale. She is so good at what she does clients have dubbed her everything from “The Paint Lady” and “The Paint Guru,” to “The Paint Whisperer.” But her favorite was “The Paint Diva” which she used for her website.

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“It's a cute name and people remember it,” she says. She's become well-known in the area and people have gotten to the point that they say they won't pick a paint color without coming to her first. Cindy is also a Color Expert for Benjamin Moore on their website and Facebook page. In August she was asked by Benjamin Moore to begin doing seminars and went to the Corporate offices for training. This is the first of many seminars planned for the future.

In addition to being the Decorating, Staging and Color Consultant at McGrath's Paint and Hardware in New Providence, Cindy has also taught Aerobics at the Connection for Women and Families in Summit for over 20 years. The Connection will host the event on Sunday afternoon, November 20, from 2:00-4:30 pm. The event will be videotaped and edited for the local cable station. Cindy also has a son with Autism, and all proceeds from the seminar will go toward Special Needs programs at the Connection.

With the holidays approaching, the first seminar will be geared toward decorating for the holidays, specifically Thanksgiving. Cindy will be presenting a beautiful “Before and After” PowerPoint presentation from Benjamin Moore and Pottery Barn on “Using Color for the Holidays.”

Joining her for the seminar will be Interior Designers Rachel Kapner, Mary LaVecchia, Virginia Liberato and Lois Darling from Creative Wallcoverings and Interiors in New Providence to talk about doing tablescapes. Jude Danson from Stahl Del Duca Florist in Summit will do a floral arrangement for the table. Charles Burke, head chef from the Summit Hotel will do a cooking demonstration cooking with seasonal, tasty and low-carb spaghetti squash. Berkeley Wine in Berkeley Heights will be supplying wine samples and gifts for the day and Diane Letulle will come to talk about wine. Diane travels the world sampling and blogging about wine, teaches at a wine school and writes “The Wine Lovers Journal” for the Manhattan Wine Examiner. McGrath's Paint and Hardware will be donating gifts and coupons for Benjamin Moore paint. To learn more about each presenter, visit The Connection's website at http://www.theconnectiononline.org/  or Cindy's Facebook page: “The Paint Diva of NJ.”

The cost for the day is only $25 which will be collected at the door. To reserve seats, do not call the Connection, but rather email Cindy at Cindy@ThePaintDivaNJ.com. Seats are limited so don't hesitate to RSVP. The Connection is located at 79 Maple St., Summit, NJ.