NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - Everyone can use less stress in their life -- but what is the solution? TAPinto recently spoke with Marion Gaydos, who recently joined Luminous Spa and Salon in New Providence, to learn about their new Serenity Room and services.

Whether you need to de-stress or help a chronic condition, the Serenity Room offers solutions through Infrared Sauna, PEMF Mat (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field)  and Aromatherapy services. Gaydos also offers a Stress Less, Feel Better Consultation to provide you with the tools to deal with the stress in your life. 

Gaydos, a mind/body instructor with a B.A. in Psychology, spent the last 14 years working with cancer patients on stress management and exercise. "I would go into hospitals while patients were getting their treatments and worked on stress management," she said.  "After 14 years, I was burnt out and it was time for a change." She shares her knowledge of stress management and helps people with their overall health.

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Gaydos was introduced to the PEMF Mat when she was dealing with her own chronic fatigue.  -- "At my low point, I was in bed until I had to work. -- I did that for almost two years," said Gaydos. "I have been on a road to recovery myself," she said. She came across the PEMF Mat while receiving acupuncture therapy.  

She explained the PEMF Mat came from research from NASA. "When the astronauts were in space, their health would decline. It was determined, they were missing the natural electro magnetic pulses that came from the Earth," she said. The PEMF Mat sends electric magnetic pulses. After she got off the mat, she had energy and her brain fog was gone. "I purchased the mat and started doing it every day."

The mat charges the cells in the body. "We have trillions of cells in our body," she said. "The core of our health and the foundation to our health is [in] our cells. We need to take care of the health of our cells -- and how you do that is through the pulse electric field because you are charging those cells when you get a treatment." She explained, there are 250 settings for different symptoms from Fibromyalgia to chronic fatigue, kidney stones, and insomnia. The treatment has helped clients with migraine headaches, Parkinson's disease and arthritis, to name a few. 

The goal is to get someone in here and get "those cells and the whole body to a healthier state," said Gaydos. "As we age -- toxins are covering our cells -- and that's part of what the mat does -- it shakes up our cells so the toxins can be released." She said, "I am fascinated that we can work on our health at the cell level."

Gaydos said the improvement is immediate after a 16 minute treatment. "For me with the chronic fatigue, every time I use the mat I have felt better. Every time I use the mat I am working on my cellular health -- charging those cells so they can do their job."

Gaydos explained the Infrared Sauna uses heat to work on the cellular health -- "you are working on the circulatory system -- blood vessels dilate -- you are bringing oxygen to your cells and the oxygen is helping the cells to release the toxins and that's why you get healthier."

She also said you can work on inflammation and sports injury with both the PEMF Mat and the Infrared Sauna. "The delivery of the blood and oxygen is to the entire body -- any soreness, tension and injuries -- you will recover quicker by using the Infrared Sauna."

"Addressing people's health on a cellular level is a hope for those people who have chronic conditions," said Gaydos. "The other factor and motivation is stress -- 75-90 percent of all doctors' visits are stress related  -- that's a lot of stress -- if somebody at the least can get de-stressed -- it's an education of the mind and the body."

The Stress Less/Feel Better consultation is designed to give tips, tools and strategies on managing stress. "I can de-stress them and I can relax them -- but I'm sending them right back to whatever is stressing them out. The Stress Less/Feel Better consultation is really designed for a person to talk about what their stressors are. I'm giving tips and tools and strategies in terms of how to manage that stress -- right down to the thinking and the approach of how we handle things."

"I have tools upon tools upon tools -- talking about your problems is one thing -- but the road to change is with a tool. You have to have some means in order to make those changes -- and sometimes it's just the thought process. The definition of stress is how we perceive it. Giving a client the tips and tools -- we all have our own strengths and weaknesses and triggers -- people learn how to respond instead of react." 

Luminous Spa and Salon provides you with a transformation inside and out -- "this is what I love about Luminous -- being able to put that out to the community. Guess what -- there is a place where you can go for the inside and the outside -- another exciting element [to Luminous]," said Gaydos.

Luminous Spa and Salon is a full service salon specializing in bringing you the most exclusive treatments available. Come visit Luminous at 592 Central Ave. in New Providence to experience all ther Beauty Secrets. Call (908) 464-8208 for a consultation.