A picture may be worth a thousand words. But only if you can see it. With threats of natural disaster like flooding, storm damage and fire - let alone natural deterioration - photographs don’t last forever.  The Chubb Insurance Group did a survey in 2009, asking homeowners and renters what they would grab from their home if evacuated by fire. Only 2 percent said they’d take jewelry. But 43 percent said they’d take their family photo albums.

How do you most easily pass down photos to other generations? How best to convert favorites into photo books and slide shows for milestone events? It requires digitization. Get ahead of the curve and convert all your photos into digital formats.

In fact, it doesn’t have to be just photos. You can convert your kids’ drawings, art work, awards and report cards as well. Plus important letters, certificates and historical documents. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all your most important home and financial paperwork on one CD in case you needed to grab it and run during an emergency?

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It’s easy to do – by handing off the task to Home Video Studios in Westfield. With our new batch scanner, we can quickly convert your photos and documents to the highest quality platinum digital CDs & DVDs.  Whether you live in the neighborhood want to drop it by, or you’re further away and interested in sending by mail, we treat them all with the respect and care you deserve.

Home Video Studio offers a variety of other video shooting, copying and editing services. Contact Dan at New Jersey-based Home Video Studio directly at (908) 301-9300 or email dan.w@homevideostudio.com. Visit the Home Video Studio website to learn more about Dan’s services.