Our Berkeley Heights Town Council is not giving up on their plans for us. They have changed names and tactics, but their persistence remains. They want to take control of our community’s needs and combine them with an agenda providing a major developer with very large and profitable contracts. I wonder how it is that out TC has information about Connell’s plans to add a Starbucks to their complex on Plainfield Ave, unless there are some existing ties. In fact, not all members were aware of this information.

The “SWAP” hearing will start again on June 16th 2015 at Governor Livingston High School. It is important to attend these sessions, as the outcome will affect all Berkeley Heights residents. Time for complacency has passed. There seemed to be a lot of public interest when this whole thing started, but time has passed, and some people are losing interest.

It was at the second meeting when I was approached by two of our TC members that asked me, what it would take to make me stop my efforts against the SWAP. This was done at Town Hall after a meeting and can be confirmed with at least four witnesses. I was told we were not going to leave until my objections were resolved. After about an hour or more a “compromise” was offered, but obviously not accepted.

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Why is it that even small local contractors are making comments that this is a “done deal” and they have expectations for a lot of work coming their way?

I have commented and asked our TC several times in the media, just what credentials they have to make decisions they propose to make for all our residents. I ask again for this answer as a response to this letter, such that all residents may decide whether this responsibility would reside in “capable hands”.        

Editor's note: The Embassy Suites Hotel being built in the Connell Corporate Park was approved by the Planning Board in May of 2014. Presented in a public meeting were plans stating the hotel would include a restaurant and Starbucks, per TAP into Berkeley Heights coverage of the meeting.