Dear Editor and Fellow Residents,

There have been some discussions in and around the Township about the petition that the Berkeley Aquatic Center (BAC) is circulating.

First, let me say that the Township is involved in litigation and, in fact, is being sued by BAC. As such, neither I nor members of the Township Council can comment about the pending litigation.

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Second, I, as well as all of the members of the Council acknowledge and agree that the BAC is a quality program. We further acknowledge and agree that the right to petition is a fundamental right everyone has in the Township.

The question for us, as representatives for the Township, is a simple one: "Should the Township allow OTHER TOWNS the use of the BERKELEY HEIGHTS’ Water Pollution Control Plant for commercial, nonresidential use."

Currently we have negotiated with the Warren Township Sewer Authority (WTSA) for the use of our Plant for a specified, limited number of properties for residential use only. The BAC, based on their prior requests, would like the Township to change the existing agreement with the WTSA to allow for its commercial use. Doing so would change the purpose and intent of the agreement, and potentially allow for any commercial use in the Township of Warren to connect to Berkeley Heights’ Plant.

This is what the circulated petition is all about. Do you as a citizen of Berkeley Heights want to open up OUR sewer Plant for COMMERCIAL uses in surrounding towns? The choice is ultimately yours.

Joseph G. Bruno
Township of Berkeley Heights