(TAP), New Jersey’s all online hyperlocal daily newspaper met with its new Advisory Board members on March 21 to thank them for their service. Members were welcomed by Lou LaSalle, Vice President at Barnabus Health, and a member of The Alternative Press’ Advisory Board of Directors. LaSalle spoke about how valuable TAP is to the communities it serves. serves sixteen communities in New Jersey by providing objective, daily, in-depth hyperlocal news and information, covering everything from town council meetings to high school sports and everything in between.

According to TAP founder and New Providence resident Michael Shapiro “Some of our Advisory Board members have been with us since TAP’s early days in late October 2008. They and our new board members help TAP in many ways, but I believe their most important job is to provide feedback from the community they serve that enables to continue to best serve the residents of our towns.” He further explains, “People rely on TAP to provide in-depth coverage that is factual and community-friendly. Our board members advise us on ways to improve what we do.”    

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The complete list of Advisory Board members follows. The board is comprised of community leaders and members of local government, and they have diverse backgrounds and interests, which enable TAP to serve communities’ best interests fairly and impartially. 

Berkeley Heights: Chair: Dr. Donald DeFabio

Members: Tom Barton, Lynn Falanga, Bob McManus, Ciro Scalera, Dr. Patrick Smith, Stephen Yellin

Livingston: Chair: Michael McMane

Members: Mark Annett, Paul Ewing, Joyce Gore, Daniel Katzeff

Madison: Chair:  Ken Toumey

Carla Brady, Barbara DeMar, Louisa DeRose, Arleen J. Gaetani, Barry Kroll, John Morris, Diane Werner

Maplewood/South Orange: Rene Clawson, Adam Loehner, Naoma Welk

Millburn/Short Hills: Chair: Steven Brisgel

Members: Jennifer Duckworth, Lisa Hackett, Rhoda Harris, Abby Kalan, Deborah Lerner, Shayne Miller, Walter Pardo, Linda Seelbach, David Stone

New Providence: Chair: Jim Madden

Members: Kevin Carroll, Gary Kapner, Susan Peterson, Tzu Lin Toner, Jimmy Vardas, Penny Vigilante, Sherry Zabel

Summit: Sandy Bloom, Amy Cairns Harrison, Jean Crichton, Lori Dahl, Dr. Marian Glenn,   Diane Klaif, Darrell Johnson

The Chathams: Al Brown, Carolyn Cherry, Jim Lonergan, Nelson Vaughan

Westfield: Jay Biss, Beth Brenner, Millicent Brody, David Burns, Charlie Bowman, Bonnie Cohen, Lee Corcoran, Sherry Cronin, Chris Devine, Ginny Leiz, Eric Levine, Suzy Minken, Steve Needle, Carolyn Shane, Darielle Walsh, Stacy Weinman

West Orange: Megan Brill; Michelle Cadeau, Cynthia Cumming, Denise Esposito, Tekeste Ghebremicael, Susan McCartney, Joel Rinsky, Matthew Schwartz, Heidi Sussman

Garden State Green: Leonard Berkowitz, Jennifer Duckworth

According to Amy Cairns Harrison, member of the Summit Advisory Board, “I find the news and information provided by The Alternative Press to be a reliable source of up-to-date information about my town and the surrounding area. No matter what a persons’ particular interest may be, it is readily available on TAP via computer, smartphone or tablet. As chair of Summit’s Environmental Commission, I appreciate that TAP is environmentally-friendly, it uses no paper and there is no damage done to the environment to distribute it. Furthermore, TAP supports local businesses by providing them a low-cost and sometimes no-cost way to promote themselves and provide expert advice, and not have to compete with regional or national advertisers. The Alternative Press is locally-owned and operated by like-minded residents.”        

The Alternative Press was founded in 2008 and is the first all-online newspaper to receive accreditation by the New Jersey Press Association.