Dear Editor,

SWAP Hearings are done for now!

Well, this Nightmare continues for some, while others, especially our TC, see it as their Dream. I just really hope each and every resident understand the complete picture, before they make up their minds.  As I learn more details, they only continue to reinforce my position.

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I have been overwhelmed with the responses to my “Letters”, so far, all in support of my words, and not one for the Swap Plan.  I welcome anyone’s comments either for or against. I want to try to understand why anyone would want to dismantle our town. Several resident responders, mostly people I have never met, have been suggesting that I run for Mayor. At first, I took this as a compliment, and just laughed. Well, now I have changed my thinking, and I am open to candidacy for Mayor as a write in ballot. My Platform is “STOP the SWAP”.

I will continue to speak out against, until such time there is a viable alternative presented. We are told this is all being done under the guise of "Redevelopment”.  This gives our TC a lot of latitude in their planning, but in no way should allow the destruction of our town. When will our TC understand that they work for the residents, and we are not here to do what THEY feel is best for us?

The following are excerpts from the actual Law Text for your review:


“(4) At the hearing, which may be adjourned from time to time, the planning board shall hear all persons who are interested in or would be affected by a determination that the delineated area is a redevelopment area. All objections to such a determination and evidence in support of those objections, given orally or in writing, shall be received and considered and made part of the public record.

The redevelopment plan shall include an outline for the planning, development, redevelopment, or rehabilitation of the project area sufficient to indicate: (1) Its relationship to definite local objectives as to appropriate land uses, density of population, and improved traffic and public transportation, public utilities, recreational and community facilities and other public improvements.”

As of now, requirements of this Law have not been met by our TC!

*(Note: This  cannot be limited to a 3, or now sometimes 3 ½, minute period of questions allowed directly following hours of presentations.)

 Art Scholl