BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - Have you ever tried to get an important file from your computer for a meeting and discovered the computer is “updating” and won’t be available for an hour or more? 

Are you working remotely for a large corporation but have no support for your computer?

Has a virus infected your computer, encrypted all your files and demanded you pay a ransom?

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Did your personal computer technician leave for college and leave you without 24/7 tech support?

Did the kids use your computer for homework and managed to lock your files or worse?

TLC Computer Services has the answer to your problems.

When Marty Stark was offered a package after working for 25 years at a major corporation in the IT department, he and his wife Lauri opened TLC Computers at their home in Berkeley Heights. That was 14 years ago. Lauri handles the marketing, advertising and administrative support for the business, while Marty does all the “technical stuff.” 

He said they chose the name TLC because all the other names they came up with sounded like well-known firms and seemed negative. “We wanted a more positive name and model that reflected the services we were offering, the personal attention and care,” he said. “It’s about customizing the service that I offer to somebody’s needs.” There will not just be a tech geek coming to your home, there will be a real person in your home, one who cares about and understands your needs, and can fix a computer. 

About half of Marty’s clients are small businesses, the other half are individuals with computers at home, he said.

His services include advising people and small business owners who are looking for a new computer, on what hardware and software will allow them to do what they want and need to do. For instance, a gamer needs a different system than a CPA. He said, “I will make a recommendation on what to buy, but won’t recommend a specific brand.”

Once the customer has the new computer, Marty can set it up and make sure everything is installed and working properly. He offers various services, from installing the computer and accessories, trouble-shooting issues, updating software, virus remediation, security services, installing fire walls of all sorts, recovering lost data, and, even operator training. The customer gets to pick the level of service he or she needs.

“Most people want me to get them on the internet,” he said, so once the new computer is up and connected to the internet, he searches for any updates, “It’s more important than ever to run the updates, because of the need for security,” he said.

That is actually his first concern for all his customers, especially those who plan to rely on the cloud for backup. “The problem with the cloud is if you get hit with ransomware, as it encrypts your files, your cloud back up service is happily uploading your encrypted files to the cloud. What you have is a nice copy of your encrypted files that you can’t use. What you need to protect yourself from ransomware is a disconnected back up, one that is not connected to your computer,” he said.

The easiest approach is for people to back up their files to an external drive. “You get two external drives and you swap them weekly,” he said, which is another service he offers his customers. And, because he has the extra external drive, the data won't be lost if something catastrophic happens at your home or business.

Maintaining and servicing a computer can be “a nightmare for people. They get very frustrated with this technology,” he said. There are error messages that don’t give you enough information to find out what is wrong, automatic updates that make your computer unavailable, and glitches that even have a professional scratching his or her head.

To find out more about TLC Computer Services and how they can help you with computer support, visit the website or call them at 908-898-0200.