Together. Forward. Those two words launched our Bavoso and Couto campaign last March. Since then, we have been fortunate to meet hundreds of Berkeley Heights residents. We've had the chance to hear your thoughts, concerns, and ideas on how we can all work together to solve the challenges we face. We have listened, asked hard questions of our Council members and Mayor, sat with our township CFO to review budget and finances, and met with our state representatives to find out how more of our tax dollars can come back to Berkeley Heights. The most pressing problems consistently voiced: roads and sidewalks, expanded programs for Seniors, recreational facilities and fields, and the municipal complex/redevelopment....all require collaboration and money to effectively solve. And the taxpayer cannot carry that burden alone. The greatest responsibility a Town Council member has is representing you; keeping our town affordable and effectively managing our resources....and that means making sure our money is wisely spent. We are experienced, seasoned professionals with extensive expertise in communication, negotiation and budgeting, and prepared to do what is in the best interests of our town and its residents.

We believe in strong Public/Private partnerships with our Board of Education, businesses, community, non-profit, county and state stakeholders that will seek to supplement tax dollars through grants and fund development initiatives. We are humbled by the services and programs provided by volunteers, without whom essential elements in our town would not exist, chief among them our Rescue Squad and Fire Department. We support and respect all volunteers and will be extremely proud to collaborate with them as Town Council Representatives.

We want to thank all of you for sharing with us over these last eight months. We are excited and prepared to take on our challenges because, together with you, we have real plans to meet them and to pay for the programs they will need. We are sharp with a pencil in our business careers, and will be with our property tax dollars…because they are our property tax dollars too. We know the long hours, personal sacrifices, and hard work that goes into paying them. And we know the many critical needs we have, and that we must figure out how to pay for them with real money. That takes working together, being clear and forthright about revenue sources, understanding demographics and their impact, knowing housing trends and their effects on town ratables, a vibrant downtown, providing modern services that citizens need and deserve, and getting a strong handle on our recreation areas and infrastructure that includes long term maintenance. We won't do it with words but with hard work. Together we can continue the forward progress of Berkeley Heights. Please read more about us on our website: We ask for your vote on November 8th Bavoso and Couto Column B. Thank you for your support.