Dear Editor,

This November the citizens of Berkeley Heights have the opportunity to keep our community moving FORWARD.  Peter Bavoso and Manuel Couto are the correct choice for Berkeley Heights Town Council.  It is exciting to have two candidates, who seek to build upon the progress happening in Berkeley Heights. They continue to share their ideas and vision, emphasizing the importance of working TOGETHER, so that all voices are heard.  Bavoso and Couto clearly recognize it takes leadership going FORWARD and not just ‘finger pointing’ and ‘reactive governing.’  They value and respect the efforts of the (un) told volunteers, who have offered their valuable time and many talents to help our community.  Peter and Manny encourage collaboration and solving problems, regardless of party affiliation.  They drive the same roads and walk the same sidewalks as the rest of us, but they understand negative rhetoric and consistently voting "NO” does not fix things. HOWEVER, the sharing of ideas, developing solid policies and implementing action plans creates positive results!  Working with others instead of against them is how we move FORWARD.  Bavoso and Couto know the taxpayer cannot shoulder the entire burden for town improvements! Peter and Manny are willing to venture into the broader community and meet with public and private stakeholders to seek additional revenue opportunities; perhaps areas never ever contemplated by previous governing bodies in our town.  Moving FORWARD with a sound financial future is the direct result of hard work and solid research.  Bavoso and Couto understand the challenges faced by families and by our senior citizens and are fully dedicated to making affordability the foundation of the entire budget process.  I would define such a process as innovative ways to help pay for things and NOT cutting services. The ongoing and changing needs of the community do not just disappear!  Peter and Manny know through listening to ALL citizens is part of the process of good solid inclusive government.  We are ALL very proud to call Berkeley Heights our home.  Please join me in voting for Bavoso and Couto on November 8.   Let us keep our town on the path to a strong and prosperous future.