To the Editor: 
During the Township Council debate, I only echoed comments I have heard from many residents across our community who are concerned about transparency in local government. Perhaps I could have been more articulate in making it clear that I was referring to those concerns in general. Let this be clear, it was not my intention to accuse anyone of participating in graft and corruption as our Mayor has suggested. 
The residents of Berkeley Heights should not let this distract us from the legitimate concerns we have about issues such as the "land swap" - that the decision to proceed was reached a long time ago, even as the Council stressed at the debate that no decision has been reached. Another concern, is that one of my opponents, Mr. D'Aquila, served on the Finance Committee of Little Flower Church as of a few month ago - the same church he would be directly negotiating with if he was elected. 
In the end, Rina and I strongly believe that our Council can be more open and transparent, and we will continue to speak out on issues such as these in the weeks to come.