BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ — When members of the Berkeley Heights Volunteer Rescue Squad delivered  Angela and Paul Windt's baby at their home, they were simply doing their job.  

Mayor Robert Woodruff and council members chose to recognize that effort and at the April 18 meeting of the council presented the Squad with a framed proclamation honoring their actions, with printed copies for all involved, including the Windt family, Ava, Angela, Paul and big sister Alexa (5 1/2 years old) who couldn't wait to hold the family's copy.

The proclamation reads:

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"Whereas, the Township of Berkeley Heights is grateful and proud to have dedicated citizens who serve as members of the Berkeley Heights Volunteer Rescue Squad; and

Whereas, the men and women of the Rescue Squad respons to calls at all hours of the days and nights, leaving their families to help fellow citizens; and

Whereas, in 2016, the highly trained REscue Squad responded to over 800 calls; and

Whereas, on March 10, 2017 resident Angela Windt who was pregnant with her second child went into labor two weeks early, prompting a call by her husband to dispatch; and

Whereas Rescue Squad members Andy Damato, Joe Plocinski, Nicole Segalini and Chief Same Lloyd arrived at the Windt home and safely delivered baby Ava much to the delight of parents Angela and Paul and big sister Alexa; and

Whereas the happy oaccasion of Ava Windt's birth was the first birth in more than twenty years for the rescue squad; and

Whereas, the Mayor and Township Council believe that it is appropriate to recognize the valuable contributions made by volunteers in our community.

Now, therefore, be it resolved that the Mayor and Township Council of the Township of Berkeley Heights does hereby, for itself and for all the residents of the Township, publicly thank Andy Damato, Joe Plocinski, Nicole Segalini and Chief Sam Lloyd for their volunteering, dedication and service and for helping safely deliver one of Berkeley Eights' newest residents."

Baby Ava arrived two weeks early on March 10, and much more quickly than expected by the family, so they needed to call 9-1-1. Five minutes after the call, the squad was there and not long after their arrival they delivered Ava, who weighed 6 pounds 10 ounces and was 20 inches long.  Read about the delivery here.  

Delivering the baby were certified EMTs and crew: Joe Plocinski, Andy Damato, Nicole Segalini and Chief Sam Lloyd. Also present were Police Officers Sgt Gallaro, Ptl Horan and Ptl Marshall, who assisted the crew.

This was the first time in more than 20 years that the squad has assisted at a home delivery, but they are always ready for the next one.