Well, what do you know? John Bonacci is back in the news again with the recent police chief compensation situation. Johnny, you must sell advertising! And, although initially dismayed based on the reporting in the weekly paper, I did my own research and concluded that Battaglia, Bonacci, DiPasquale and Nelson made a prudent decision that was not in haste, potentially saving the township dollars in litigation costs, etc. But, with that said, I thought it would be helpful to go down memory lane.

No, not to the fire squad eviction in the dark of night, but the Berkeley Heights Republicans' mantra in last election - that if you don't vote yes for referendum question #3 (I mean the community center; Oops wrong again - It's a community/senior center), you will have said you don't believe in our town and if that happens nothing will probably be built in BH ever. No spin here, just review the tapes from last year's debate or back issues of the Independent Press!

But in reflection, doesn't this sound more threatening than water-boarding! The problem is it does not appear to be a threat.

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Just look at a few examples -

1) This won't cost taxpayers anything. Last time I checked, local taxes may be going up 3-4% anyway. Oops, I forgot -- it's Johnny's fault due to his budgeting gimmicks!

2) What about the the promised outdoor recreational facilities in the spring 2009 using adjacent county land purchased with accumulated Green Acre tax dollars? It still looks like a dump site.

3) What about the purchased playground equipment that was held hostage until the vote? The Woodruff school that my family and others visit are still using 60's equipment.

4) "We must devise a plan to re-develop the municipal property to build a new town hall, library and police department, complete with at least a 900-space parking garage to assist commuters" - Well, I am still on the commuter waiting list (Did you lose my phone number?).

5) And, oh, what about that town hall, police, etc.? I know, all contingent upon saying YES.

And please don't say it's because we are in a recession - You are the ones who strongly advocated a multimillion expenditure knowing this! So, while I could go on, this article itself could be construed as torture so I'll cease.

Bottom line though is that people who live in glass houses should not throw stones! In closing, I would like to thank Battaglia, Bonacci, DiPasquale and Nelson. While I may not agree with you all of the time, you prove what democracy is all about!