PUR2o, a developer of unique systems that produce the highest quality drinking water announces the installation of a second filtration and purification system at a professional sports team training facility in Florham Park, NJ.

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Prior to the system’s installation, NFL team members had been drinking unfiltered tap water mixed with protein and nutrition supplements as well as rehydrate after working out. After meeting with PUR2o owners, Mizar Turdiu and Antonio Cernuto, team nutritionist, Tom Bilella of the Nutrition Treatment Center of Red Bank, NJ; realized the need to upgrade the drinking water was urgent.

“High quality drinking water is critical for optimum health,” said Bilella. “The toxins and impurities found in tap water can inhibit the body’s innate healing ability and block a person from achieving their optimum health potential. That’s why I endorsed the use of the PUR2o system for these athletes.”

The PUR2o system, known as “P2o” is the company’s leading and best selling water filtration purification system, is also available for home use. It uses reverse osmosis to filter out all impurities. The water is then re-mineralized in order to enhance its taste and neutralize its pH. An additional cartridge boosts pH and ionizes the water, producing drinking water that is alkaline and ionized for better absorption.

“Professional athletes put themselves under immense physical stresses and must stay in prime condition to perform to their best,” says Mizar Turdiu, PUR2o Owner and Executive Vice President. “Drinking alkaline water that is also ionized provides faster hydration and more efficient removal of toxins. It is the ideal water for them.”

Alkaline water neutralizes acidity in the body and improves the body's absorption of essential nutrients. Alkaline water is negatively charged and acts as an anti-oxidant, reducing cellular and DNA damage caused by free radicals.

Ionization breaks clusters of water molecules into smaller micro-clusters, reducing the size of the clusters from the 11-16 molecules in standard water to just 5-6 molecules in ionized water. Smaller clusters pass through cell walls more easily and hydrate the cells more quickly.

“Drinking ionized water can help athletes maintain an optimal physical state during competition,” says Turdiu. “Ionized water allows the body to regulate its temperature more efficiently and delivers nutrients more efficiently to cells that need them.”

About PUR2o (www.pur2o.com)
PUR2o is a unique system producing the highest quality drinking and cooking water for you and your family. The system is based on state-of-the-art technology in filtration, purification & mineral enrichment using methods of reverse osmosis.

The company is headquartered in Morristown, NJ, and maintains an Operations Center in Toronto, Canada, along with a Worldwide Distributor Network.