Unexpected incidents can shape the direction of one’s life. This can be said of Donna Abene of Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey. Donna lives in New Jersey’s 39th Congressional District, where an individual who represents her in Trenton as a member of the State Legislature became mired in scandal when he was accused of civil and criminal crimes.

Assemblyman Bob Shroeder allegedly engaged in fraud by writing millions of dollars in bad checks. In addition, he is accused of failing to appear at a court mandated meeting with his creditors. Furthermore, it has been asserted that Shroeder failed to provide financial records, as ordered to do so by the Court. In fact, it has been alleged that after being arrested and indicted, Shroeder attempted to have the case dismissed, but was denied a dismissal by the judge.

Abene is currently a member of theWoodcliff Lake Council, where she serves on the Finance Committee, the Department of Public Works, as well as the Technology Committee. The Councilwoman also serves as the liaison to Senior Citizens, the Elementary Schools, Special Events and also serves on the Planning Board. In early 2012, Abene also spearheaded her community’s Sustainable New Jersey Initiative and formed Woodcliff Lake’s first "Green Team"

Donna was startled by the accusations against Shroeder and decided that there must be trust in Government. Hence, she threw her hat into the ring as a Democratic Party candidate for the State Assembly. She is an advocate of fiscal responsibility and a proponent of positive social issues, and believes that her many years of experience and her deep commitment to the people of New Jersey will well serve the residents of the 39th Legislative District.

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She never contemplated a run for the State Legislature until the Shroeder scandal became public, and she realized that she simply could not sit back and do nothing. As someone who was born and raised in New Jersey, she realized that one cannot expect good government or take it for granted. Good government, she believes, must be earned and not automatically expected.

As someone who has engaged in public service during her entire adult life, she will strive to make good government work for the people of the 39th Legislative District.