To promote student success and to support the College’s mission of providing an affordable education, Union County College has revised its full-time tuition structure. Beginning this fall, tuition for full-time students will be a flat rate for each semester. This full-time rate includes tuition and general fees for students taking as few as 12 credits to a maximum of 18 credits. Students who complete 15 credits or more per term may earn their degree in two years. The full-time rate for a student who lives in Union County will be $2,040 per semester.

Union County College is a smart choice for those considering starting or returning to college. An Associates degree from Union County College will transfer to any four year college or university in New Jersey, as well as many institutions, both public and private, throughout the nation. Students graduating from Union are able to enter the new institution as a junior.

For the most up-to-date information on Union County College, please visit If you are interested in taking a tour of the campus, please contact the Office of Recruitment at (908) 709-7518.