BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ -  The election results are in and the incumbent Republican candidates Tom Pirone and Ed Delia have been re-elected to Township Council.  The updated Berkeley Heights voting results for Town Council, Board of Ed and Question 3 as posted on the Union County website as of Nov. 6, 2013 1:21 PM.

"I want to thank everyone here that helped our candidates, the ticket, to be successful tonight in every category. Thank you for a successful campaign," said David Ronner, Republican Party Chairman.  "This was a team effort, Ed and Tom, congratulations."

Pirone and Delia thanked their supporters for talking to their neighbors and sending emails and putting sings up, and being their voice to all of their friends. "The support did make me feel better after all of the abuse. It bothered me that he [Yellin] was so negative on so many things. Thank you all, I really appreciate it," said Delia.

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Democrat candidate Stephen Yellin told The Alternative Press that the voters of Berkeley Heights have made their decision.  He appreciates the voters that have supported him throughout the campaign.  "Congratulations to Tom Pirone and Ed Delia. I wish the Mayor and the council the best in the year ahead," Yellin said.

"We have really good people on the council.  We are led by people who care about the town. They should be proud of their effort on our behalf," said Ronner.

Town Council Results:

Tom Pirone, Rep  2,696

Ed Delia Rep  2206

Stephen Yellin Dem  1955

Denis Smalley, Helen Kirsch and John Sincaglia were re-elected to the Board of Education.  "I'm glad for stability on the board.  I think that we are one of the reasons why we are the number 6 small community.  I'm happy with the results," said John Sincaglia.

Board of Education Results:

Denis Smalley 1597

Helen Kirsch 1510

John Sincaglia 1471

Carl D'Emilio 1395

Voters approved the non-binding ballot question number 3 regarding Berkeley Heights to actively seek secession from the County of Union and annexation to the County of Morris.

Yes 2590

No 1179

How Berkeley Heights Voted in the General Election 

Governor's Race:

Chris Christie, Rep 2971

Barbara Buono, Dem 1071


Thomas Kean, Rep. 2866

Michael Komondy, Dem 978

Results for General Assembly

Jon Bramnick, Rep 2559

Nancy Munoz, Rep 2518

Jill Lazare, Dem 1117

Norman Albert, Dem 1069


Ralph Froehlich, Dem 1577


Mark Martini, Rep 2450

Ira Geiger, Rep 2376

Marc Krauss, Rep 2380

Linda Carter, Dem 1166

Bette Jane Kowalski, Dem 1115

Sergio Granados, Dem 1037

Public Question 1

Yes 2861

No 664

Public Question 2

Yes 1907

No 1671