To the Editor:

Just to let everyone know there is some confusing wording on the Ballot. The Ballot states, "Members of Township Council - Vote for Two". This is confusing because it is legal to vote for 1, you do not need to vote for 2. The text should really state: "Vote for up to Two". In fact, if you have a single candidate in this race, that you really want to win, their best chance is a "Bullet Vote" which means to only vote for your favorite candidate and not choose a second one. Voting for a second means that you have 2 favorites and don't have a preference as to which one wins. The way the candidates are chosen is that the top two candidates ordered by total number of votes win. These can be from a mix of parties as it is an individual race and not a party takes all race. The winners are the two with the largest number of votes. People can Bullet Vote or mix and match between their favorite candidates. 


Dr. Thomas H. Foregger