As I enter the remaining months of my ninth year on the Berkeley Heights Township Council, I can think of no two individuals who will better serve the residents and future of Berkeley Heights than Republican candidates Bob Woodruff and Jeanne Kingsley.   Through their extensive volunteer positions and leadership roles in numerous town organizations, they have proven they work in the best interests of our citizens. They are committed, knowledgeable, trustworthy, ethical, and have good fiscal sense.  They have a visible presence in our community as individuals who take on challenges and get results.  Their understanding of the current economic environment and its impact on residents and the town itself is based on their active involvement with our community.  They do not just say there are challenges ahead; they have ideas and a plan on how to tackle these challenges. 

They believe in consensus building and value the input of all citizens regardless of political affiliation.  Woodruff and Kingsley possess the skill sets necessary to be effective partners with citizens, local businesses, educators, and county and state government officials to ensure that our town remains one of the top in the state.  They understand and respect all opinions and actively seek the input of others.  They know there may be difficult choices to make and are prepared to do the homework necessary to make them. They are committed to seeking new revenue streams to offset infrastructure repair, and understand that the taxpayer cannot be the only revenue source going forward.  

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 I am excited that individuals like Bob and Jeanne have stepped up to the plate to help govern our town and will continue to pave the way for a bright future.  Although I am retiring from the Berkeley Heights Town Council, I plan to reside here for a long time and feel confident that Bob Woodruff and Jeanne Kingsley will be helping to make the decisions that affect the health and welfare of my town.  It is my strong belief in the Woodruff Kingsley team that led to my volunteering as their campaign manager and fundraising event coordinator. 

I look forward to their swearing in ceremony this January, and while I am not the authorized individual to conduct that event, you can be certain I will be applauding from the sidelines.  I hope you join me in supporting them on November 8th.


Elaine Perna