When I moved out to Berkeley Heights four years ago, I was looking for a town that didn't have those giant stores that would consume the local businesses and ruin the community.  If the BAC building was in a commerical or industrial area, I would have very little interest in this project, pro or con.  As I have read articles, opinions and propaganda on both sides of the BAC Pool, I look to my own experience and common sense for what this complex will bring.  I see this as the opening of a flood gate.  Not a flood of sewer water, but a flood of colossal stores that will choke out the local businesses and ruin the charm of our community.  Once the precedent is set for a huge facility with long hours in a residential community, what else will it bring?  

A massive fifty thousand square foot building, twenty times the size of the average home would be an eyesore and an ill fit for the community.  The additional traffic of a facility open eighteen hours a day would be considerable.  I've heard little discussion of the commerical traffic this pool will require both during its construction and then regular service.  Deliveries for that site certainly won't be done by small trucks by local companies.  The impact on our roads, both use and wear will be considerable.  The damage to our roads in Berkeley Height certainly won't be covered by the BAC project.  All of these costs will come out of the tax payers pockets, not the BAC.

This new site is unlikely to bring all the benefits the BAC claims and probably won't bring the all the negatives the opposition states either.  For me, the bottom line is a residential community is the wrong setting for a building more than one acre in size with a huge  parking area and no real plan to address the traffic problems the construction and operation will will create.  

I can only vote no on May 7th.