My name is Jeanne Kingsley and along with my running mate John Sincaglia, we ask for your support in the upcoming November election for Town Council. I am honored to be asked to run for re-election as your Council Representative. Over the course of the past years, it has been a privilege to work with the citizens of our community. Together we have worked hard to implement the collective  vision we have for our town, to maintain its affordability, address its aging infrastructure and facilities, create policies that position us for the future, and most importantly….be a welcoming community that celebrates diversity of people and of thought….a place where all voices are welcome, and people treat each other with dignity and respect.

It has always been my goal to work with the people of our community.  This means all of us: those who live, work, and volunteer here and those who are elected to represent us at the County and State levels.  It is always about PEOPLE and not political affiliation.  When we join together to make our town the very best that it can be or volunteer side by side; no one turns to their neighbor and asks, “What party do you belong to?”  What we do is talk, listen, create, strategize, crush numbers, develop budgets, find alternative funding sources, inspire, motivate, and TOGETHER get the job done.  We have accomplished so much together: New parks, sidewalks, streetscapes, enhanced playing fields, started new traditions and celebrated cherished ones; welcomed new businesses and supported those who have been steadfast in our town, collaborated with the Board of Education to share services and improve facilities; worked with non-profits to encourage volunteerism and keep community strongholds like our YMCA and Community Pool. We have done these things together without regard for politics.

Our future is at hand with a new Municipal Complex that will have a home for Senior Citizens, our Police Department, Recreation programs, and a new state of the art Library serving citizens of all ages. Our Capital improvement plans continue to fix our roads ahead of schedule. We have come a long way since the Recession that bruised our town, and we have done it through hard work, hand in hand with all of you. Communication means TRUST, and that means listening, open dialogue, and respect.  We’ve launched new efforts to enhance our communication with live streamed meetings, Town Hall gatherings, a new website, Swift 911, and more. 

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We are asking for your ideas and listening to your input. That’s what we are all about.  Please join us on our journey into the future. Because we are all neighbors helping neighbors working together to be all that we can be. Please visit to learn more about us and how TOGETHER we will continue to build the future of Berkeley Heights.  Please vote Column B Kingsley and Sincaglia on November 7.  The polls are open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Thank you.

Here is our Platform Highlights.  For more details, please visit our website:

1. Together we will deliver crucial services in a balanced and cost-effective way.

2. Keeping the Berkeley Heights we all know and love:  Our small town feel is important to all of us.  Understanding that community redevelopment is part of every town’s future, our job is to manage redevelopment, including our municipal complex, to ensure that we achieve our aesthetic, service and quality of life goals within our cost parameters.

3. Ensure residents are well informed about important Town issues & Township Council initiatives.  Communication is key.

4. Optimize collaboration with public and private organizations and agencies in order to fund Town initiatives.  Neighbors helping neighbors in our community.


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Kingsley & Sincaglia 2017 for Town Council