On February 16th the Berkeley Heights Council voted 3-2 with one abstention to give Officer Stamler's children free insurance for 6 months (Officer Stamler passed away last Sept). That is, they were ALREADY receiving township charity since Oct. 1st. This was news to people in the audience. It is unprecedented and it is against our own township code. That is, the members who voted for this confused taxpayer funds with personal funds when it comes to making charitable donations. If we have money to give away, then our taxes are too high.

Though giving away $10,800 may be compassionate, it is clearly unfair to taxpayers and township employees. This action is a slap in the face to all employees who have worked diligently and loyally for the betterment of this town, not to mention any resident also suffering a hardship. Where are the council's sympathies for them?

The real surprise was Kevin Hall's support of this charitable contribution from our tax dollars. He preached about transparency, ethics and fiscal responsibility during his campaign. He was part of this "side bar" agreement and didn't bring it to the forefront. He gave a private citizen thousands of our tax dollars.

Two council seats and the mayor's seat are open this year. Anyone interesting in running can contact me. We seriously need change.