What has our council done to warrant re-election for a third term?   

Two terms, six years and nearly a 20% increase in property taxes after Kingsley, Faecher and Woodruff have been in office.   But what has improved in Berkeley Heights?  

Our downtown does not look better.
Our streets are not better maintained.
Our zoning, building and inspections departments are not friendlier nor well managed.
Our Council is not more transparent

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Really the only thing that has changed is our property taxes which have gone up nearly 20%.

What have the incumbents Kingsley and Faecher done to deserve 3 more years?    

Listening to their campaign, it seems they are more focused on things about the challengers, Foregger & Leo, than they are in pointing out any accomplishments that they have had over the past 6 years.  

The burden is on the incumbents as to why they deserve a third term.   Let us vote for someone new to get in, someone with some fresh, Republican ideas.    

It is my opinion that Kingsley and Faecher have done nothing to warrant another 3 years.  

Dr. Thomas Foregger and John Leo Jr both have lots to bring to the Council.    Dr. Thomas Foregger has been going to and speaking at most council meetings for the past 20+ years.   He knows and understands the role of the municipal government and believes in its role to serve its residents.   A true fiscal conservative and mathematician by trade,  Tom understands budgeting and how to reduce spending with little to no impact on services provided.    He is also a champion for Open Government and will ensure that the people have clear and honest information about what is going on in the town.  

John Leo Jr is a leader, previously a Captain for an airline and is also a fiscal conservative.   He has been a lifelong Republican and believes that Berkeley Heights could benefit from bringing back true Republican values to the town.   Honesty, integrity and fiscal responsibility are just what Berkeley Heights needs right now.   

This Tuesday, June 6th,  the choice is clear.   If you want another 3 years of substantial tax increases,  another 3 years of poorly maintained roads, another 3 years of vacancies and disrepair of our downtown business district then you should vote for the incumbents.  

However, if you want to bring real Republican values back to Berkeley Heights including lower property taxes, better planning, and more responsible management, please join me in voting for Dr. Thomas Foregger and John Leo Jr.   Column F 11F & 12F.

Regards, Edmund Tom Maciejewski