Whew!  The mad rush to the end of December s finished!  Projects and essays, quizzes and tests, combined with concerts, parties and snow days made the last several weeks exhausting for parents and students alike.

Now there is a bit of time to relax and prepare for what lies ahead. Using this non-deadline time for a bit of planning will help your student return to school in January ready for the challenges of the new year.

For Seniors, the last part of high school is about to begin! For some, the college decision is complete and, for others, deadlines for applications loom in January.  For all, the dreaded “senior-itis” is a risk.  Mid-terms are only weeks away and--remember!--colleges and universities all want to view the final high school transcript!

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Juniors have their PSAT results in hand; now is the time to answer the question of “ACT and/or SAT?” More importantly, though, are the midterm exams coming at the end of January for most students. This year’s transcript will be sent with next year’s college applications, and showing steadily improving exam grades is important. Use this break put a study plan in place for all of the tests and term papers. Brush up on topics that are fuzzy from that “far away” first quarter and address this quarter’s areas of confusion.

Sophomores and Freshmen should use this time to focus on midterms. Successfully, using the term-ending exam to showcase understanding, and even mastery, of the curriculum will put your student in good stead for the second half of the school year. Chyten tutors use our RANDD program to equip students with the skills they need to understand what to study and how to do it most efficiently.

7th and 8th grade students should use this time to improve their writing and reading skills. During these years students tend to focus only on the tasks teachers directly assign them at school. Using school breaks to incorporate other types of reading and writing opportunities will give your student a leg up as he moves into the high school years.

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