The Library of the Chathams invites all to meet Library Director Karen Brodsky for an evening of director’s picks. 

On Thursday, Oct. 10 from 5-7p.m., please join Ms. Brodsky to discover the diverse space “Where Books meet The Cloud.”  In an informal setting, Brodsky will discuss some of her choices for good reading, and will showcase some of the tools available to computer users, known as "Cloud Computing."

The Library of the Chathams provides traditional print materials for our patrons, and is also a place to learn about technology and its applications. Those who have used a web-based mail provider (like Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo!Mail) may be interested in learning about other cloud computing services where storage is online, and the data are accessible from mobile, laptop, and desktop devices.

The Library of the Chathams is located at 214 Main Street, Chatham. For more information, call 973-635-0603.