Katherine Zhou is currently a sophomore at Governor Livingston High School. Zhou is a guest writer for “The Highlander”. She is a member of many science clubs at school, including the Science Team. Zhou plays the violin in the orchestra, but she is also part of the New Jersey Youth Symphony outside of school. In her free time, she loves to cook and listen to music.

Q: What’s your favorite class? 

A: Science class.

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Q. Do you have any siblings?

A: Yes, one sister named Victoria.


Q: On what occasion would you lie?

A: I would prefer not to lie at all.


Q: What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?

A: Being able to play an instrument.


Q: Who has been your favorite teacher at GL?

A: Mrs. Cavanaugh or Mr. Ciarrocca.


Q: If your name appeared in the dictionary, what would the definition be?

A: A little awkward but still a happy person.


Q: What is your idea of perfect happiness?

A: Having support from family and friends.


Q: Which words do you most overuse?

A: I say “hi” a lot.


Q: What is your motto?

A: If you don’t think about it, it never happened.


Q: Which living person do you most admire?

A: My sister, probably.


Q: What or who is the greatest love of your life?

A: Probably music, in general.


Q: If you could change one thing about your family what would it be?

A: I’d add a pet to it, preferably a goldendoodle or a corgi.


Q: Which would you choose for dessert: Cake or ice cream? 

A: Ice cream.


Q: What’s the worst advice you ever got?

A: I don’t think I've ever gotten bad advice. Whatever advice I get is usually better than my original plan.


Q: What’s your favorite smell? 

A: Campfire wood.