Dear Editor,

Our town is in the midst of exciting, challenging, and future determining decisions.  The election for Town Council should not be about political party rhetoric.…we are neighbors, volunteering together; sharing a bleacher together at our kids games; celebrating together at community events; paying respect to our Veterans at our new park.

The job of the Council is to represent all of us, manage our fiscal health and make policy that affects our future.  It is a tough interview process, that which we call an “election.”  It comes down to hard work, proven expertise, and credentials that meet the qualifications necessary to do the job.  Ideas must be substantiated with real plans that pass legal muster and rely on facts, not rumor or innuendo; financial plans must be based on real numbers and not hypotheticals.  Because this is our town and money we are talking about: Our hard earned, choose between a new kitchen appliance or fix the roof; go on vacation or put in a new furnace money. Our Town Council faces these kind of decisions on the broadest and most critical of levels.  

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Pete Bavoso and Manny Couto have proven expertise and fiscal experience in their professional lives and in our community.  They have great ideas for public/private partnerships to ease our tax burden but never cutting services as an easy way out.  They bring fresh perspectives because of who they are as people, not what political party they are from.  Straight forward in their approach and experienced collaborators and negotiators, they’ve got my trust and my vote.  Please join me in electing them by voting Column B on November 8th. Please visit

All my best,

Julie Lloyd